BCT operates a transportation service for people in need of medical services and necessities of life.

Office Hours: Monday to Friday:  9:00am- noon & 1:00 - 4:30pm

  • Appointments are accepted during office hours only by phone

(613-332-8291), or by “Book a Ride” online on our website

  • Appointments must be received no later than noon the day before the appointment, 2-3 days notice would be best.  Saturday, Sunday & Monday appointments must be received no later than noon Friday.  If you require a stop at the drug store or grocery store please let us know at time of booking the appointment or no later than when you are confirmed prior to the trip.
  • All persons travelling must be named at time of booking the appt.
  • We do our best to accommodate your requested pickup times, however, due to the number of rides scheduled daily, pickup times may need to be adjusted, we ask that you be patient.
  • Medical Appointments take precedence over all other appointments.
  • All cancellations must be called into the office # (613-332-8291)
  • Cancellations or Appointments will not be accepted if they are relayed through the driver.
  • If a ride has been scheduled and not cancelled before the driver is dispatched, you will be billed for the ride. If you fail to cancel your ride 3 times, we will not be able to provide rides in the future.
  • Drivers will only wait 5 minutes before they move on to the next pickup. This will be considered a non-cancelled ride & you will be billed for this ride.
  • Rides may need to be shared. Please let the office know if a legal/medical reason prevents you from sharing rides with other clients.  Legal/Medical verification may be required.
  • Upon exiting the vehicle, please make sure that you have all your personal belongings and that all garbage you accumulated during the rides is removed with you as well.
  • Please respect the driver, any other passengers in the vehicle, and the driver’s property. No verbal abuse will be tolerated, and any general disrespect toward the above noted will be reported to the BCT office to determine future use of BCT’s transportation service.

Thank you for ensuring that BCT can continue to deliver quality service to our valued clients.

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