How To Use The Bancroft Community Transit Service:

To use the services of Bancroft Community Transit, this is what you need to know.

You will be referred to the service by the Agency that you are connected with (ie: Health Unit, Ontario Works, Children's Aid Society, etc.). To find out if you are eligible for our service see our Eligibility page, or call the office at 332-2732.

Once you or your Agency has registered you with Bancroft Community Transit, calls for rides can be made directly to the Transit office. A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to book a ride. Rides will be provided by volunteer drivers of Bancroft Community Transit.

DISPATCH: 332-2732

  • call Dispatch to book a ride
  • Dispatch will see if a driver is available
  • you will pay cash to driver unless payment is pre-arranged through your Agency
  • cancellations to Dispatch within 24 hours
  • if Transit needs to cancel a ride, you will be notified by Dispatch
  • notify Transit if you are bringing an escort
  • you may have to share a ride and be flexible with pick up and drop off times
  • special rules apply to transporting children, call Dispatch for more information
  • If you are over age 55, call Senior Home Support: 332-4700

Courtesy & Safety Rules

Safety First !Failure to show up for a ride, or misusing the service in any way, will result in no service to you in the future. Seat belts must be worn, if you cannot wear a seat belt, we cannot transport you.

Children must be in suitable child seats and all vehicles are non-smoking. Bancroft Community Transit drivers may refuse rides to any client that appears intoxicated or otherwise in a condition that makes the driver unsure of the suitability of transporting them.


All information given to the staff or drivers will remain strictly confidential.

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