Riverside Park Project: Help us complete it... Donate Today!...

Riverside Park Project: Help us complete it... Donate Today!...

“If you build it...”

Bancroft Community Transit (BCT) has made a significant investment in this community.

In April 2014 BCT welcomed 18 hardworking Fleming students to our town to help fulfill a unique vision North Hastings Youth in Action (NHYIA) had for our town; the construction of a beautiful and sustainable building, a destination point, which will encourage people to come, visit and explore. This building will house a rental equipment facility that will provide a revenue source to help BCT continue to provide transportation for local youth to get to afterschool programs, employment, tutoring, and summer camp, to name a few. It will also have a canteen that will offer fundraising opportunities for NHYIA. The facility will offer mentoring, life skills, and training for local youth to help build essential work and social skills.

Now we are asking for your help.

The costs of the materials to build such an amazing sustainable building are great, especially to a nonprofit organization such as BCT! We have sourced local materials and local services whenever we could to help boost and support our local economy. And now we are counting on your financial support to help with the building costs and to also finish our beautiful building. No amount is too small... or too big... and we will make sure to recognize each donation!
So... How do you give?

There are several options to give.

  • You can mail us your donation to BCT, P.O. BOX 727, BANCROFT, ON K0L 1C0
  • OR, visit with us personally and drop off your donation at, 33 STATION STREET, UNIT B, BANCROFT
  • OR, you can donate online right now using the "Donate Now" button below!
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We thank you for your consideration and hope you will join with us as we continue to commit to make our community a better place for our youth!

Gwen Coish,
Director of Operations.

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